FARE Walk for Food Allergy 2015

Thrive OConsulting


Why We Do It


‚ÄčThrive On Consulting was founded in 2014 by Tami Pyles. Tami's oldest daughter was diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies in 2010.  Since that time she has dedicated her personal and professional energy to creating food allergy awareness.  

Our mission is to help those with food allergies learn practical day-to-day management strategies to Thrive On with food allergies.  In addition, we create education and awareness so that everyone is prepared to help those with food allergies Thrive On.

What We Do


Receiving a food allergy diagnosis is life-altering, we know.  Coming to grips with the new reality in which you now live can be overwhelming and scary.  Let Thrive On Consulting help you as you navigate the things you need to do to be safe and Thrive On with food allergies.  

Our consulting services are designed to help food allergy clients and their families learn to manage their allergy in the real world and provide help in developing plans and strategies so that you can thrive.  

Thrive On Consulting also offers engaging education and training programs for those in the community that need critical information about keeping those around them with food allergies safe.